Journal of Research in Ecology JRE Ecology 0 2319-1546 2319-1554 en 2017 04 07 5 5 online 1 fulltext
en Investigation of the quality status of educational services based on Servequal model (Case study: Estahban's Payem-e-Nour University) Ecology Research article Evaluation of services is a concern in academic institutions for improving the quality criterion. By finding the gap between students' expectations and understandings of offered services in different dimensions, we can propose strategies which help to enhance the quality of servicers. Using Servequal approach, this study is aimed to evaluate educational services for Estahban's Payam-e-Nour University students, who studied from 2014 to 2015. In this study, using Cochran's method, 300 individuals from a population of 1200 students were selected as a research sample. Data collection tools included is a questionnaire based on Servequal tool, whose validity was approved through a face/content method; and its reliability was approved through Cronbach' Alpha method and Split-Half method. Findings showed that in each of the five dimensions of service quality, there is a negative gap, which proposed that students' demands are not metout completely . The greatest amount of gap in the service quality was related to the assurance dimension, and the least amount of gap was related to the accountability dimension. On the other hand, it was made clear that, in "expectations and perceptions" dimension, opinions of student groups differed variably; these groups included different genders, terms, and educational status Educational service quality, Service gap, Servequal model, Payam-e-Nour University 553 563 documents/EC0174.pdf Fatemeh Ghauor yes Master of Business Administration, Nonprofit University of Sheykh Bahaei Isfahan Ali Vaghefi no Administration, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Shiraz Payam Noor University, Master of Public Administration Ali Davodi No Young Researchers and Elite Club, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran Saeid Bonyadi No PhD candidate, Public Administration, Yasooj University,Iran Saeid Ghasemi No Master of Public Administration, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran