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Current Issue - Volume 6 Issue 2


Effect of daily supplement of coriander seeds powder on weight gain, rumen fermentation, digestion and some blood characteristics of Awassi ewes 

Mohammed SF, Saeed AA and Al-Jubori OS 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1762-1770

Keywords: Coriander seed, Coriandrum sativum, Weight gain, Blood lipid, Rumen fermentation, Awassi lambs


Effect of feed dilution using date palm seed powder at different ages on some productive and economic traits of broiler in
Al-Muthanna province

Fatema AA Merdas, Ibrahim FB Al-Zamili, Hayder H Blaw and Jassim KM Al-Gharawi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1771-1777

Keywords: Dilution feed, Date palm seeds powder, Productive and economic traits, Broiler


Association of lactoferrin with some immunological and blood traits of Holstein calves in the middle of Iraq  

Natik H Al-Kudsi and Waleed A Khalid    

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1778-1787

Keywords: Lactoferrin, Immunity globulins, Holstein calves


Effect of lactoferrin on growth of Holstein calves in the middle of Iraq

Waleed Aamer Khalid and Natik Hameed Al-Kudsi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1788-1793

Keywords: Lactoferrin, Calves, weight, Body measurements


Effect of using water extract of nettle leaves (Urtica dioica) on some immunological and blood traits of broiler

Ahmed AK Al-Salihi, Mousa A Hassan and Jassim KM Al-Gharawi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1794-1799

Keywords: Immunological, Blood traits, Nettle leaves, Water extracts, Broiler


Cement factory design requirements based on industrial ecology

Nilofar Asadi Asl and Saeid Toyor Parvaz

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1800-1807

Keywords: Cement factory, Environmental design, Industrial ecology, Industrial process


Evaluation of the effect of some herbicides on Vicia faba L. growth traits

Hashim Haneen Kareem Aldhahi, Hussien I Almtarfi and Ali J Al-Sarraji

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1808-1813

Keywords: Herbicides, Degree of injury, Growth traits, Broadbean


Effect of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) on histological parameters of small intestinal segments of broiler chickens

Abbas AM Al-Abboodi and Hasan SA Jawad

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1814-1821

Keywords: Jerusalem artichoke, Inulin, Histological parameters, Small intestinal


Studying and evaluating the performance of locally fabricated and developed maize sheller

Ali Mohammed Ali, Ahmed Akbar Ali and Basim Aboud Abbas

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1822-1831

Keywords: Corn sheller, Shelling, Corn shelling, Corn thresher


The oasis of Ouargla (Southeast Algeria): a millennial heritage in decline

Salah Zenkhri, Mokhtar Karabi and Louiza Zenkhri

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1832-1837

Keywords: Oasis, Ouargla, Agriculture, Environment, Development


Effect of adding crude glycerol to broiler diets in performance and yield characteristics of carcass

Jasim RK and Mousa BH

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1838-1845

Keywords: Glycerol, Production performance, Internal organs, Broiler


Association of transferrin gene polymorphism SNPs C14037T and A14081G with the reproductive performance of Holstein cows

Jaafar Ahmed R, Talal Abdulkareem A and Nasr Al-Anbari N

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1846-1852

Keywords: Transferrin gene, SNPs, Intron 8, Reproduction, Holstein cows


The effect of mycorrhiza (Glomus mosseae) on the growth and flowering of Canna generalis cultivated in the soil contaminated with lead and cadmium

Istabraq Abdulkarim Aziz and Sawsan Abdullah Abd Al-Latif

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1853-1866

Keywords: Mycorrhiza fungus, Canna generalis, Lead, Cadmium


Investigation of economic traits on the hybrid broiler (Ross 308) differing genotypically for insulin gene hormones using correlation and regression coefficients

Al-Anbari EH

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1867-1875

Keywords: Ross 308, Insulin gene hormone, Correlation and regression coefficients, Broiler economic traits


Effect of the addition of green tea to the Iraqi sheep rations and their production performance

Yaseen Alobeidi A and Wafaa Hamed Al-Samaraee

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1876-1882

Keywords: Green tea, Fermentation, Body weight


Effect of partial replacement of nitrate with annatto seeds powder in the physical and chemical properties of chilled beef sausages

Abddurrahman Adnan Muhammad and Amera Mohammed Saleh Al-Rubeii

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1883-1892

Keywords: Annatto seeds, Sodium nitrate, Beef sausages, Chemical, Physical properties


Effect of feeding dried whey on the efficiency of Iraqi Awassi lambs

Ali Noori Kareem, Jamal Abdul Rahman Tawfeeq and Amer Naji Ahmed Alnaemi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1893-1898

Keywords: Weight gain, Awassi lambs, Dried whey, Soybean meal, Daily gain


Genetic analysis of a few traits in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.)

Maath AL-Abdaly M, Omar Muslah ALmohammedi H and Hussian Awad Adday

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):1899-1906

Keywords: Tomato, Genetic analysis, Combining ability

EC0558 (In Press)

Immobilization technique efficiency of Azotobacter chroococcum and its effect on the growth and yield of wheat Triticum aestivum L

Abdualla Kreem Jbar, Hanoon Nahi Kadhem and Ghanem Bahlol Noni

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(2):001-009

Keywords: Immobilized inoculant, Bentonite, Bio-fertilizer

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