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Current Issue - Volume 5 Issue 2


A simple SSM model for predicting the performance of maize crop in Khash region

Maryam Shahriari, Ahmad Mehraban and Elias Soltani

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):780-784

Keywords: Corn, Crop models, Simulations, SSM Models


Agronomic traits of forage maize (Zea mays L.) as influenced by zeolite application and spraying of nano-fertilizers

Sorour Saedpanah, Khosro Mohammadi and Mohsen Javaheri

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):785-791

Keywords: Iron, nano-fertilizer, potassium, zeolite, zinc


Evaluating population growth and distribution and its relationship to the physical development of Zahedan

Mahmoud Reza Anvari, Maryam Karimian Bostani and Abdolali Purkeykhay

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):792-800

Keywords: Growth and distribution of population, Holdren Model, Moran coefficient, Zahedan


Effect of color of educational spaces on learning and students' satisfaction in Iran (Case study: Andish Negar Mehrgan educational complex in Isfahan)

Seyed Mehdi Amirkiaei, Mehrpouya Sami Khaftani and Parisa Sami Khaftani

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):801-809

Keywords: Educational spaces, Color, Environmental psychology, Architectural design


New perspective on subsistence ethics: criticism on the fishery development in Indonesia

Susilo E and Purwanti P

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):810-819

Keywords: Subsistence ethics, coastal fisheries, sustainable development, fishery policy


Factors associated with stunting among children aged 0-24 months in Kecupak, Pakpak Bharat district, North Sumatra: a case-control study

Donal Nababan, Rizabuana, Evawani Aritonang and Wirsal Hasan

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):820-829

Keywords: Stunting, factors, Kecupak


Effect of thyme (Zataria multiflora) extract and probiotic (Broilact) feeding on IGF-I, IGF-II and IGF- I R gene expression of liver in broiler chickens

Ali Motamedi Motlagh, Vahab Babapour, Zarbakht Ansari Pirsaraei and Nariman Sheikhi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):830-837

Keywords: IGF- I gene expression, Probiotic, Thyme extract, Broiler


Land Suitability Analysis (LSA) based on fuzzy logic for prioritization of candidate sites for waste management

Azizi Z and Salehi Y 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2): 838-848

Keywords: Landfill, Site Selection, GIS, Fuzzy, Ghorveh


Investigation of gated communities in Tehran city

Sara Kalantari, Mojtaba Rafieian, Aref Aghasafari and Hossein Kalantari Khalil Abad 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2): 849-858

Keywords: Gated communities, Tehran city, Utopian gated communities, Urban community


Assessing the impact of environmental accidents and drought on the economy of fishery (case study: Iranian whitefish)

Azadeh Shahbazian and Yaghoub Zeraatkish

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2): 859-866

Keywords: Whitefish, Drought, Environmental accidents, Fishery economy


Depiction of δ toxin producing Staphylococcus epidermidis in house stored frozen Channa punctata

Raghupathy Rekha, Velu Vijay and Uthandakalaipandian Ramesh

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):867-874

Keywords: Household frozen fish, δ toxin, biofilm production


Agro-tourism: A new approach in the use of natural attractions and rural development (Case study: Tamandan village)

Aboubakr Kord, Mahmoud Reza Anvari and Abolfazl Barahouei Nezhad 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):875-887

Keywords: Agro-tourism, Tourism, Rural development, Tamandan village, Khash


The study of social capital and its impact on the development of urban areas (case study: Zahedan city)

Masoumeh Hafez Rezazadeh 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):888-894

Keywords: Social capital, Urban development, Regions, Zahedan


Characterization of zeolite or carbon nanotube composite prepared by hydrothermal method

Babaei M, Anbia M and Kazemipour M

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):895-900

Keywords: Carbon nano tube, composite, zeolite


Accuracy assessment of Digital Elevation Models (DEM), SRTM and ASTER satellites and the DEM derived from 1:25000-scale topographic maps using DGPS

Javad Arabi Korsgani and Mostafa Khabazi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):901-912

Keywords: Digital elevation model (DEM), ASTER, SRTM, topography, DGPS


The evaluation of seismic hazard level of steel moment frames designed based on the 4th edition of 2800 standard

Sepideh Rahimi and Amin Shafiee

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):913-925

Keywords: Incremental dynamic analysis, immediate occupancy, collapse prevention, life safety, global dynamic instability


Assessment of contamination risk of heavy metals in sediments of Coastal Caspian Sea in Nowshahr city, North of Iran

Sahar Sartipi Yarahmadi and Mohammad Reza Ansari

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):926-937

Keywords: Caspian Sea, sediment quality guidelines, ecological risk index, IDW method

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