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Publication Ethics : JRE – Journal of Research in Ecology is committed to maintain the most astounding standards of publication ethics. All authors submitting their research output to the JRE for publication as unique original articles confirm that the submitted works speak to their authors` commitments and have not been replicated or copied in entire or to some extent from different works. The authors recognize that they have revealed all and any real or potential conflict of interest with their work or halfway advantages related with it.

It is vital to maintain a strategic distance from:

Data fabrication and falsification: Data fabrication implies that the author did not really do the investigation, but rather made up information. Data falsification implies that the author did the test, yet then changed a portion of the information. Both of these practices influence readers to doubt.

Multiple submissions: It is illegal to submit a similar or same manuscript to more than one journal in the meantime. This would result in wastage of time of the editors and peer reviewers, and can harm the reputation of journal if published in more than one.

Redundant publications : This implies publishing numerous fundamentally same manuscripts in light of a similar investigation. It can make researches more averse to focus on your manuscripts.

Plagiarism :

Taking the thoughts and work of others without giving them credit is not fair and unscrupulous. Plagiarism is a major issue far and wide in the field of manuscript writing. Plagiarism signifies "the unapproved utilization or close impersonation of the language and considerations of another author and the portrayal of the one`s own actual work". This is for the most part seen that, authors are essentially duplicating scientific information and data from the other published papers, which is a dreadful practice in scholarly fraternity. Hence, we humbly ask all our author(s) please adopt the holistic and pragmatic approach to plan the manuscript of intrigue. JRE won't be in charge of further activity on Plagiarism issue. The author will be exclusively in charge of plagiarism issue.

Human and Animal Rights Statement: 

            Published research must conform to the rules for human examinations and animal welfare rules. Authors should express that subjects have given their informed consent and that the examination protocol has been endorsed by the institute’s advisory committee on human research. Moreover, they must likewise express that animal tests comply with institutional ethics.

For more details refer to the COPE website


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