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Payment options for publishing in the Journal of Research in Ecology

Bank Details

Western Union:

You can also send us money through western union, the name and address to which you have to

send money is given below. Kindly note that the MTCN number and scanned copy of the

payment should be sent to us attached with a mail as soon as you have done it.

Name : D. Abiya Chelliah
Phone No: 918870709052

Kindly attach the slip of your payment with the mail so that we can process it quickly.

Payment mode:

Bank Transfer/ Bank Deposit:

Abbreviation and incorrect beneficiary name may lead to a failure of bank transfer. Please

notify the editor when payment has been made.

Beneficiary Name: D. Abiya Chelliah
Bank Account Number: 20070800335
Beneficiary Bank Name: State Bank of India
Beneficiary Bank Address: State Bank of India, St. Xavier’s College, Tirunelveli, Tamil nadu, India-627002
Beneficiary Bank Branch Code: 10482
Beneficiary Bank CIF NO: 85829759000
Beneficiary Bank IFSC NO: SBIN0010482
Beneficiary Bank swift Code: SBININBB468

For Paypal:

For payment of fees through paypal, just choose "Send and Request" payment (menu) in the paypal account page and choose "Pay for Goods or Services" and type "" in it; you can send payment to this email id., I shall process it then. Send the pdf copy of the payment proof to the email for verification.

Journal of Research in Ecology is run by Redolence Academic Services, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Phone:  +91 8870709052