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Journal of Research in Ecology

An ISI indexed journal with three tier peer review process
ISSN: 2319 - 1546; E-ISSN: 2319 - 1554


All articles published with the Journal of Research in Ecology are open access. You can look at the articles and download them without any fees.


We can't tolerate plagiarism on our articles. We need only texts that are new and written by the author, not the one that was copyrighted by others.


The article upon submission will be checked thorougly for mistakes atleast by a three tier peer review. We do error free publication.


This Journal is indexed with Thomson Reuters, Index Copernicus, OAJI, Indian Science and other permium indexers of research articles.

ICV 2015: 62.52

Index Copernicus International is an international, specialized platform for promoting scientific achievements, as well as supporting national and international collaboration between scientists, publishers of scientific journals and scientific entities.

Featured Article

Clinical pathology of landscape through the evaluation of land cover changes using remote sensing and landscape metrics (Case Study: Zayanderoud Watershed, Iran)

Ahmadreza Yavari, Esmael Salehi, Hamidreza Jafari and Yousef Rafii 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2016) 4(1):044-055 

Journal of Research in Ecology

Journal of Research in Ecology is an international journal that broadcasts research studies in Ecology and its related area. The objective of this journal is to spread ecological research all around the earth yet with low manuscript processing time and charge. The research articles on acceptance are published in accessible full text for all visitors and authors. Journal of Research in Ecology offers rapid publication schedule with a three tier peer- review process. Our board of editors and peer - reviewers follow standards set by the Council of Biological Editors (CBE). 

  • Aim and Scope

The aim of this journal is very broad that it includes all ecological and its applied disciplines. Even this journal aims to publish supplementary fields like class room environmental aspects, social and environmental problems, company environment aspects, relationship between abiotic and biotic factor or between themselves or both etc. This disemmination of broad scope is to make the publication in all regards related to the ecology and helps the readers to get all aspects in a same window.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Given to clarify the doubts of the authors

1. Why do you take more time in reviewing?

Yes, we take more time for reviewing some articles because of the number of pages of the article as well as its subject complexity. Any good journal will be praised for its peer review and error free publication, we are trying our best to provide the original content with no errors. Mostly we take 25 days to 50 days for completing the standard review process as per our Journal Policy

2. You have also published some artilces in competitive time. Why?

Yes, we have published some articles in lesser time period because of the speed of reviewers who worked on it and also it is greatly dependent on the speed of authors as they have done the corrections immediately as per the editors' decision.

3. Why have you rejected my article?

This may be of different reasons. We never reject articles without proper comments. We always give comments on the artilce and points that stand for the rejection. The decision of rejection would have been taken due to duplication of publication, plagiarism, scientific spoofing, serious statistical errors, mistakes or fabrication in data etc. We never reject if you provide authentication and clarify the doubts of peer reviewers.

4.  How long my article will be online?

We follow Open Access model of publishing so the articles will be online for time innumerable. We are trying for Digital Repositary indexing so that we can preserve the artilces regularly.

5. Do you prefer a standard license for publishing artilces?

We prefer publishing under creative commons license, for more details please visit our License page.

Journal of Research in Ecology is run by Redolence Academic Services, Tamil Nadu, South India.

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